The symbolic meaning of the logo of the Ritman Library

The Ritman library logo is designed by Rachel Ritman, the wife of the founder of the library Joost Ritman. Symbolically it means the following: the Ouroboros: the green serpent biting its own tail, represents the prima materia, and infinite spirit. The sun radiates spiritual creative force, and poures it out in the moon sickle, symbol of the grail. The pelican, standing on the moon sickle and representing the Christ, nourishes his offspring with his own blood. The three young pelicans represent the three forces that accomplish transmutation or the transfiguration of body, soul and spirit. In the cubic white stone bears the following symbols: the Roman number 10, the Christ, surrounded by four roses with in their heart four signs, the Greek Alpha and Omega en the characters R and C. The alpha and omega represent once more the Christ, as light of the world. The R and C represent Christian Rosycross.

The Ritman Library - The largest European library in the fields of Hermetica, Alchemy, Mysticism, Gnosis & Western Esotericism and Comparative Religion

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