To contact the angels and our Higher Self

My 86 year old friend from England is a theosophist who was for a long time chairman of a Theosophical Division in England. She also studied kabbala, just as she studied the Tarot. In her younger years she went to medical school, she writes and speaks seven languages, knows a lot about the Bible, and…… well you understand that we’re talking about a well educated women.

Her interest in almost everything but specially in spirituality, her knowledge and experience, the wisdom she acquired over the years, makes her often a reference point and a oracle for me.

A few times a week I call her up. Sometimes, just for a chat like friends do, sometimes because I have a question about spiritual matters.
Last week the conversation was about angels. My question to her was:,,Do angels exist?”

Her answer was without any doubt:,,Angels exist weather you believe in them or not.”

,,Okay, but if they exist, how do they look.”

She chuckled and said:,, They don’t have looks. They don’t have a fysical body. But because we humans throughout the world made images of angels, they often show themselves to us like those images.”

,,I’ve never seen an angel, I only know them from pictures. Does that mean that there are no angels around me for protection.”


,,Before I answer you’re question I want to make something clear. There is a large variety of angels. All these different kind of angels have different tasks. Most people know the archangels Gabriël, Uriël, Michaël and . These archangels stand, if we look at them out of a Christian tradition, around God’s throne. To make things even clearer: this is the language of symbols and it means that these angels are close to the Universal and divine energy or power. These angels are the highest in the hierarchy of angels and know the intention of God. The will always act towards this intention.”

“So if you ask for help from the angels and you don’t get it, don’t be angry but realise that the angels know about Gods intention with you. And angels cannot ever act against Gods Will. People are the only creatures that have free will.”

“So if I have to answer your question wether you have angels around you, I would like you to reminder the last time you visit me. When you came in I sad to you: I see a blue angel around you. You were shocked. Because a couple of days before you travelled to England you recieved a loving letter with the request if you wanted to have angels as guests in your house. Ofcourse you wanted that and you asked the angels to accompany you during your journey. And then you arrived and I say an blue angel around you.”

She was right. I forget all about this.

“Are angels an aspect of the divine?” “You can look at them this way but I really need to add that we all are part of the divine. And a lot a people are not aware of this, but we can connect to this divine part in ourself. And because of that we humans have all the answers if we’re capable of connecting with our divine aspect. You also can call it your Higher Self and what a lot of people don’t know, it’s also named Your Guardian Angel.”

“Okay but how do I connect to this aspect of myself, to my Higher Self.”

“I could give you a lot of examples but the most important is that you stop thinking. I know that no one can stop the brain from thinking, because we would die, would’nt we. What I mean is to become aware of what we’re thinking and then decide: do I want to think this or not?

You could also say: leave your thinking mode and become intuitive. There you can contact the divine. There you find your answers. Thats also the place where you can asked the angels for advice.”
Next week I try to describe an other topic I had with my friend.

Dutch version. Also read in English as well as in Dutch the article about money and spirituality.

Foto: Een van de spirituele plekken in Glastonbury

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  1. Ik geloof ook in het bestaan van engelen, maar dan alleen op basis van wat de Bijbel daarover leert. Het zijn o.m. boodschappers van God (Maria-geboorte-aankondiging) en dienende geesten t.b.v. de mensen die in God geloven en op zeker moment Gods hulp nodig hebben. Voor die beleving zijn geen speciale spirituele plaatsen nodig want God zend die geesten uit waar en wanneer nodig. De menselijke behoefte aan een dergelijke plaats riekt naar occulte beleving, iets waar de duivel de mens zo graag toe verleidt, omdat hij niet graag wil dat de mens God in zijn leven ervaart, al is dat slechts optimaal mogelijk door Jezus Christus na bekering van een mens tot Hem. Ik prefereer Goddelijk advies d.m.v. van de Heilige Geest verreweg boven het advies van Engelen buiten God om. Het laatste is een gevaarlijke trip die gemeden moet worden als de pest.
    Vriendelijke groet,
    N. van der Brugge, Vlaardingen.

  2. Geachte heer of mevrouw Van der Brugge
    Hartelijke dank voor uw uitgebreide reactie. Vanuit christelijk oogpunt bezien is uw reactie begrijpelijk.
    Maar niet iedereen is hetzelfde en niet iedereen gelooft hetzelfde. Ik probeer op mijn blog vanuit respect voor alle mensen en alle overtuigingen mijn en andere verhalen te publiceren.
    Ik hoop dat u dat kunt respecteren en nog veel mijn blog leest :).
    Een prettig weekend
    Vriendelijke groet


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