A fairytale about the most beautiful heart

One day a young man stood in the middle of his village and claimed he had the most beautiful heart of the whole valley

A large crowd surrounded the young man and they all agreed: his heart was perfect.
There was not a scratch or wound on it and again they all agreed that his heart was the most beautiful heart they ever saw.

The young man was very proud and boasted even more about his beautiful and perfect heart.

One day an old man came out of the crowd and said:”Why is your heart more beautiful then mine?”

The crowd and the young man look at his heart and saw that it was a strong and powerful heart.
But they also saw that it was full of scars and at some places peaces were missing and other peaces put in, but they did nog fit. And also were the corners of his heart frayed.
There were even peaces of his heart missing.

The people look surprises! How can this old man say that he has got the most beautiful heart?

The young man look at the imperfect heart of the old man and said:”You’re kidding me.”

“Compare your heart with mine then mine is perfect and yours is a mess.”

“You’re right”, the old man said “you’re heart is perfect but a would’nt swap it for the world.”

“Because every scar represents a person to whom I gave my love. Every time I ript off a peace and gave it to tho one I loved. Most of the time they gave me a peace in return but it never fitted perfectly because the peaces weren ever the same.
I agree, the outer edges are frayed, but it reminds me of the love we shared.
And sometimes I give a person a peace of my heart but I don’t get nothing in return.
Those are the holes you see, because iving love is always a risk. And although the holes remain painfull, they stay open because it reminds me that I also love those people and I hope they will return one day and fill up those wholes again.”

“So , do you now see what real beauty means.”

The young man stood silently while tears were rolling on his cheeks.
He walked to the old man, reached into his perfect heart, and ripped out a piece out.

He offered it to the old man with trembling hands.
The old man took his offering and placed it in his own heart.

He took a peace of his own heart and placed it in the wound of the heart of the young man.

It did’nt fit perfectly, it was frayed, but the young man and saw that it was more beautiful than before because the love off this old man filled his heart too.

They embraced and walked away side by side.

From the magazine Change-Think+

Dutch Version of this article

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