Become a real Scrooge McDuck and stay spiritual

What do you feel about money? What means money to you? Do you realise that money is besides everything else also a form of energy? Can you respond to that energy? And how thus that work and are you successful in that?

Those kind of questions cross my mind when I think about money. I think for example that I'm short of money, that money is unequally divided in the world, and when I don’t have enough (?) money my sense of freedom is undermined. All kinds of beliefs that are not helpfull.
I assume that all your thoughts and feeling about money have - like mine - a lot to do with a lac of money or the feeling that you’re short of money. To overcome this you can buy a lottery ticket but for all those of us who won’t win the lottery it is adviseble to examine our emotions/beliefs/opinions about money carefully.

Once upon a time
A long time ago :)I learnt at school that the amount of money a state had, was equally to the amount of gold it had. Without me knowing, this is changed by the financial world and the states. In these days the value of money is what the financial world says it is.
As simpel as that!
But knowing this doesn’t changes my feelings about money.

Spiritual World
People who are strong believers of the existence of a spiritual world find it hard to accept that you can make money with spiritual knowlegde. That kind of knowlegde should be for free and making money of it is ‘note done’. One of the reasons for this belief is that money stops your spiritual growth.
On het other side of this spiritual spectrum are the beliefs that you just have to ask, belief and you will receive. As long as you give it all to make your request come true, as long as there are no doubts, then you will receive.
This is what The Secret is all about, the Law of Attraction. This is what the movie ‘What the bleep do we know’ talks about when they say that we create our own reality.

Higher consciousness
So this leaves us with the question: is it possible to create a higher consciousness, to get more spiritual awareness (the experience of unity) and at the same time make lots of money.
I think it is!
Our pitfalls are our anxietys, limiting beliefs or more in general: the emotions we experience when we think or talk about money. In Buddhism they say that our attachment to material stuff makes us forget who we are.
In The Secret it is all about neutralising the question. An other way of saying it is to get rid of all the emotions attached to the question, then do everything necessary and you will achieve what ever you want. NLP (Neuro Linguistisch Programming) and for example Avatar also work with this principle of neutralising.
Everything we know or think deep down inside, influences us and will manifest in our lives. When we think of money as difficult to gather guess what happens? Exactly… it is a struggle for us to have enough money. But the moment we neutralise our feelings about money, it starts to flow and we can experience abundance

What is live about?
Whats live about? We cannot have to much love, happiness, laughter of in general abundace. And abundance means that you have all the possibilities to do what you want to do. And thats not necessarily an abundance of money.
That we experience a lac of abundance in our lives has to do with our limited beliefs. And those limited beliefs are sometimes so old and well-known that we think we are those beliefs and don’t see how they limited us.
If we can get rid of our limited beliefs than it’s possible to experience a balance in our relationship with money. Than we can stop with all those ways of limited thinking and stop the internal conflict.
Janny Leggedoor

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